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Kris Barton
Full Stack Web & Mobile Developer

Examples of My Work


Examples of Work: Zavvi

One of the site I added new features and bug fixes for as part of The Hut Group Front-End Dev team.

I used HTML5, CSS, SASS and Javascript.


Examples of Work: Idealshape

Idealshape was a site I worked on as one of The Hut Group's latest acquisitions.

This build required a fast turnaround, adapting the sites existing assets to The Hut Group's website platform and working closely with the UX designers.

To build this site, I used HTML5, CSS, SASS and Javascript.

Marketing Coding

Examples of Work: Marketing Coding

Marketing Coding is just in it's infancy at the moment and is a personal project, combining two practises that I'm passionate about: Marketing and Coding.

Going forward, I will build this into an extensive tutorial site which I aim to make very user intuiative and friendly. Usability will be key here.

To build this site, I have used HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. As the site expands, I'll be introducing AngularJS and PHP.

So Geekin' Awesome

Examples of Work: So Geekin' Awesome

So Geekin' Awesome is a geek blog and affiliate website that is all things geek. This also a personal project that I am passionate about and have achieved a decent amount of success in terms of both a geek news writer and an affiliate marketer.

So Geekin' Awesome was developed in Wordpress as a custom theme and was designed, using media queries, to also be responsive and useable on a mobile device. It was built using PHP (within the Wordpress framework), Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.


Examples of Work: Nugensis

Nugensis is my current employer and during my time within the company I've worked on a number of projects, sadly, none of which I can illustrate on this website as they are all private applications and were not designed for public consumption.

During my time here, I've worked on a number of projects and have used a vast array of coding languages. These include HTML3, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQueryMobile, jQueryUI,, SQL, XML, JSON and NDL.


Examples of Work: GeekZenith

GeekZenith (now deactivated) was a personal blog started up as another passion project to blog on all things geek. Much like So Geekin' Awesome, it was developed as a Wordpress theme and used PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 to develop.


Examples of Work: Betfred

At Betfred I a good number of roles and projects during my years there. Ranging from Football Prediction software, to an internal Development code repository to bug fixing and development on the the main Btefred website.

Here I used a variety a different coding languages including PHP, C#, Wordpress Development, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and XML.

About Me

Kris Barton: Full Stack Web & Mobile Developer

Hi, my name is Kris Barton.

I'm a full stack web and mobile developer and an online entrepreneur, with a keen eye for design and a fantastic attention to detail.

Web and mobile design and development is more than just a job to me, it's more than a hobby too.

It's a passion.

Take a look at my Portfolio and CV for a glimpse of my coding background and examples of work and if you need to contact me, please do so via my LinkedIn Profile.


Personal Summary

An ambitious problem-solver, with a great eye for design and an interest in online business. Kris has great experience in creating logical, innovative and gorgeous solutions to very complex problems. A hardworking perfectionist with attention to detail, Kris will not stop at getting projects done to his very high standards, regardless of whether this spills over into his own time.

Career Achievements

  • Developed and spearheaded an application for both the Scottish and Welsh Air Ambulance Services that allows the staff to record mission data, plot details in google maps, run KPI reports and self administer the entire application.
  • Developed a Patient Satisfaction Survey mobile application (for iPhone and iPad) which allows patients to register their satisfaction levels for a variety of different questions.
  • Developed and marketed a successful Geek news blog called So Geekin' Awesome as private side project. This was completed using Wordpress and work has started on extending my custom-built theme to allow for a more "e-commerce" feel for the Store area.
  • Braintstormed and began development of an online marketing blog/course resource called Marketing Coding.
  • Designed and developed a PHP Football Prediction web-based application which boasted over 4000 participants.
  • Designed and developed a PHP Cheltenham Festival Prediction web-based application which boasted over 3000 participants.
  • Designed and developed an array of microsite platforms for the business to run a variety of marketing promotions. Most of these were developed under tight deadlines and always met the requirements of the business.
  • Implemented a number of integral code fixes and feature extensions of the website.
  • Pioneered the Front-End development of a Secure Image Uploader application, implementing custom JQuery Form Validation, custom file display and designed the look and the feel of the application.
  • Designed, developed and managed an internal Knowledge Base application for the IT Department. This system allows each department to submit or edit relevant documentation and allows users to search or filter articles for reference.

Employment History

Front End Developer
The Hut Group | Northwich | The Hut Group Website | May 2016 - present


  • Develop new site builds for new company acquisitions.
  • Develop new components and features for vast array of Hut Group sites.
  • Develop bug fixes for Hut Group sites.
  • Front End Developer Securtiy champion.
  • Using coding languages and software such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, RequireJS, NPM, GULP, JSP, IntelliJ and much more.

Applications Developer
Nugensis | Daresbury | Nugensis Website | October 2013 - May 2016


  • Plan and developed web based and tablet applications.
  • Develop Front-End and Back-End solutions for applications.
  • Meet with customers and project managers to discuss requirements.
  • Using coding languages such as SQL Server, VB.Net, jQuery, jQueryUI, jQueryMobile, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, JSON and XML.
  • Using software like Visual Studio 2010-2012, SQL Management Studio, Phonegap, JIRA, NDL and Zumero.

Junior Developer
Betfred | Wigan | Betfred Website | November 2011 - October 2013


  • Developed internal stand-alone applications such as a web developer knowledgebase and security documents uploader.
  • Worked on a variety of bug fixes for Betfred Totesport websites.
  • Worked witth C#, HTML5, CSS, XML, jQuery and Javascript.

Live Systems Support Analyst
Betfred | Warrington | Betfred Website | November 2009 - November 2011


  • Provided 2nd Line Support for all of Betfred Live Systems, from infrastructure and services to integrated 3rd Party systems.
  • Monitored, updated, enhanced and developed key infrastructure monitoring software.
  • Wrote, compiled and reviewed system status business reports for line manager and department manager.

PHP Web Developer
Betfred | Warrington | Betfred Website | August 2008 - November 2009


  • Designed, developed and managed all PHP Websites and Microsites for the marketing department of Betfred.

Key Skills
Software: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, Eclipse IDE, XAMPP, Notepad++, Fiddler, Firebug, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studion 2012, Team Server Foundation, Zend Server, Tortoise SVN, SOAP UI, IIS, NDL, Phonegap and Testflight.
Frameworks: Wordpress, Zend, CodeIgniter, ASP.NET and MVC3.
Coding: HTML5/XHTML/HTML, CSS/CSS3, PHP, SQL Server, MYSQL, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, AJAX, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET Razor, ASP and .NET Services.
Web Practices: SEO, W3C Validation, UX, UI, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Object Oriented Programming. Business Practices: Agile Software Development, SCRUM.


  • BA (Hons) Multimedia Web Production (2:1). University of Manchester, Warrington Campus.
  • A Levels: Information Technology (C), History (C) , Media (C), General Studies (D). Priestley College, Warrington.
  • 10 GCSE's including Maths (C), Media Studies (C) and History (C). William Beamont High School, Warrington.

Personal Interests
My hobbies include, Web Design and Development, Blogging, Writing, Comic Books, American Football, Reading, Gaming, Films, Rugby League and Football.

References are available on request.